Bamfield Hostel Forest Campsite with 4 Person Tent + 4 Chairs + 1 Firebowl


Tent and camp site for 4 people on the grounds of the Bamfield Adventure Center nestled against the massive rainforest trees Bamfield is famous for.  Save 58% off regular prices with this bundle:


- 1 Standard Vehicle Parking

- 1 Campsite (regular $19/day)

- 4 Person Outbound Dome Tent (regular $14/day)

- 4 Camping Chairs (regular 4 X $5 = $20/day)

- 1 Propane Firebowl (regular $12/day propane extra charge by lbs. used)

- Bathroom and Hot Water Shower Access in Bamfield Hostel

- Hose off, cleaning, covered drying area for your hiking and camping gear

- 10% off all Adventure Center Gear Rentals including surfboards, paddleboards, kayaks, bikes, Ebikes, canoes, and merchandise

All equipment rentals are rent and return where we provide the gear and the site, all gear must be returned clean and packed back in provided containers. Set up and tear down/ packing service is available for $20/ setup and $20/tear down.  Please request this service at the time of your order to ensure availability.  Quiet time is from 10:00 PM - 7:00 AM5